In offbeat on December 9, 2009 at 2:48 pm

By Gawd the cards will fall
if I damned want them to:
Ask anyone.
Bourbon violins spool
Corrupted bitched thoughts.
How much is there to ask,
When the eyes of the masters peer dead from
When jimmy dean’s dick is on my shelf.
The cards will fall if my mind allows them to,
If it gets drunk enough,
Know that.
Lonely orchestras scream,
As I gamble away my last thoughts,
the only ones I got,
The only ones that mean,
a thing,
while inside me
the acid tears my guts apart,
with a
whimsical fuck, a wayward penis.
Know that I know, and it all with a
Ruptured heart that begs for pussy,
Elegant, intelligent:
Without a hope.



Ethnic rioting inside a frozen turkey covered with shadow theater.
Submerge in hot water and make me drink.
You know how these things usually end;
Test my darkness, poke the fork.

Unless you oil me, tools won’t necessarily comply.
Raw meat appreciates a large meal much larger, beware
The blindfold labeled “calming spray.”
Baby milks pleasure secrets from my fangs.

Animals wearing collars are better socialized and adapt faster.
Tonight, their air unhinders well-endowed pollution.
Candied treats give you measure, deluded terrorism gets you recovered.
And androids clinking just before sunrise ill-devise

Vacuum sealed packs of semiautomatic killing sprees
Where the ventriloquist has confirmed
Clones of us loving a gas chamber, offenders for fright.
Something, creating something, or

Fixing something, they
Want us to tell them meaningful shit.
And maybe we should go on about pain and loss, but
Say instead I fuck your tits.


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